Recording: Final Fantasy - Prelude "Crystal Theme"

Submitted Tue, 05/01/2012 - 05:44
by hashel | View the tab

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Hey guys !
Here is my 1st attempt of participating at the "Dwelling of Duels" month contest !
Considering the hight level and the imperfections of my cover (only had 2 days to work on it ^^') i finished 11th on 11 ^^'
But it's a good way to get motivations to improve and people there can give wise advices and critisisms !

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I enjoyed listening to it, I


I enjoyed listening to it, I really like how relaxing some of your recordings are. Very different from what I expect when I click on an electric vid.

I dont have any technical insight but I liked it ^-^.

Thanks :) Well the best

Thanks :)
Well the best compliment you can give me is to say that my work can give you emotions :)
The technical part is really important too but i think emotions are the most important things in music ^^

Hehe! I responded to your


Hehe! I responded to your p.m. from earlier with some constructive criticism and also what I liked about it. Glad to see you doing more music :-)

Juja said he liked it, too.

Yheaaa ^^ i'm answering you

Yheaaa ^^ i'm answering you ;)

Two electric covers I


Two electric covers I actually like in a row. What's the world coming to hehe.

Electric guitar players are

Electric guitar players are not all Metal Berserker and Schreders ^^
I really enjoy smooth or warm tones, my fav band is Pink Floyd so i'm not a metal head ^^

But the next one will be more a metal song ahah :p
Thanks for comment :)

so relaxing~


so relaxing~

Heh, that's awesome that you


Heh, that's awesome that you decided to enter DoD. Your first DoD entry sounds a hell of a lot better than mine did, like a lot better. I liked this song when I first listened to it, so it was pretty cool to find out that it was you. I also gave you a pretty decent rating in the voting (above average).

Keep it up, man. I hope to see you and a certain turtler-lover enter DoD more often.

thanks Juja :D Auri and you

thanks Juja :D Auri and you gave me motivation to enter DoD and it's always a pleasure to read your comments :)

Sadly i don't really know TMNT OSTs and i have to work on my Gilgamesh Battle cover (it's a hard one for me) so i'm not sure i'll enter this month ^^'

Who loves turtles ? =o
Are you going to put your dod song here too ? :)

I plan to post my song up

I plan to post my song up here once it's finished. The version I submitted to DoD was pretty rushed. I'm still waiting for Careless to send me one more track that we wanted to add, and then I can do a final mix. I've left it up to him to make a video as well.

I was working on this for

I was working on this for DoD, though it's too fast for me really. Maybe I'll do it someday :-)

Mega Man 10 - Heart of Enker (slightly arrangey)

Too fast for me too ^^'

Too fast for me too ^^'

Nice tones bro! Chill master


Nice tones bro!
Chill master flex :-)

Thanks bro :p

Thanks bro :p