Recording: Final Fantasy 9 - The Place of Memory [Memoria]

Submitted Tue, 02/16/2016 - 19:02
by hashel

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Place of Memory - Memoria is the song of the last "dungeon" of FF9 (Memoria) before you can fight the final boss(es), it's a weird and strange place so i tried to respect that feeling by using some phaser of the guitar and many panned guitars and delay.
Also i used my 2 guitars on that one and much VST of strings, brass and choirs :)
This is my entry for the February Pixel Mixers Cover Contest "Last Dungeon/Final Stage"
It's the very 1st time i'm doing a FF9 cover, so I hope you'll enjoy this one ^^

Electric Guitar 1 - Eastman T486
Electric Guitar 2 - Fender Telecaster (USA Standard)
Bass - Fender Jazz (Mexico)
Tones - Podfarm UX1
Synth: Novation Launchkey 49
Mixing and recording - Cubase 5
Arrangement - Guitar Pro 6
Video - Videopad Editor