Recording: Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross - Pixel Mixers: Clockwork Album - Out Now !

Submitted Mon, 05/09/2016 - 20:36
by hashel

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"Clockwork" is a FREE Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Tribute Album made by the Pixel Mixers community!
We do not own any of those songs, all were composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

Except tracks:
- "Boss Battle 1" composed by Noriko Matsueda
- "People without Hope", "Primitive Mountain", "Tyran Castle" and "Sealed Door" composed by Nobuo Uematsu

A HUGE THANK YOU to all those amazing musicians who entered on this project:

- Adam Matlock
- AnimeVivi
- Avarussaaha
- Chequer Chequer
- Christian Richardson
- David cookie
- Drakson
- Eemikun
- Epic Keyboard Guy
- EricL Music
- Hashel05
- Hekdar Thunderfist
- Hyde209
- Ian Plays
- ImAFutureGuitarHero
- Itdanslegs
- Jackson Parodi
- Jer Roque
- Jimbo Uribe
- Kain White
- Kleinod
- Konami
- Licenstobill
- LjB0
- Lord Bif Music
- Marc Papeghin
- Matthew S Harrison
- Maxter VGM
- Nate Brooks
- Pangtience
- Paul Farrer
- Pegster Mc Dudeson
- PyjamaPants
- Rebecca Tripp
- Regretted
- Shake Elite
- Sharp Rain Music
- Soundole VGM
- Steven Morris
- Strings of the Woods
- Subversiveasset
- SwigglesRP
- TeraCMusic
- Tetrimino VGBand
- Thecoolestnerdguy
- Toxodentrail
- VGcellomusic
- Yyenadan

And another huge THANK YOU to everyone one of you who downloaded this album :D

- Project director: Hashel05
- Artwork: Toxodentrail
- Album Mastering: SwigglesRP

Cool Links:

- Pixel Mixers
- Pixel Mixers FB
- Pixel Mixers Twitter

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- FF7 Album
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12 comments on Pixel Mixers: Clockwork Album - Out Now !

Hell yes!


Hell yes!

Wooohooo ^^ Thanks again for

Wooohooo ^^ Thanks again for you tracks, Nate :)

Holy crap, some of this is

Holy crap, some of this is amazing!

^^ Which track are your

^^ Which track are your favourite so far? :)

I just started disc 3 and so

I just started disc 3 and so far, though it's all pretty good, I REALLY like:
Dragon Knight
Grief in the Gale of a Burning Orphanage
Jellyfish Sea
Schala's Theme
Ancient Dragon's Stronghold
Undersea Palace
Secret of the Forest
Strange Happening

Oh, and my own stuff of

Oh, and my own stuff of course ;)

Nice. Sounding pretty


Nice. Sounding pretty good.
Have you guys ever considered making a bandcamp page? I want to peep some of the tracks but I don't really want to download 3 hours of music and sort through it. I know I'm just being lazy haha but maybe it's a suggestion other lazy people will appreciate :^B

the problem with bandcamp is

the problem with bandcamp is that it has a limited numbers of free downloads/months, if this limit is reached, next people will have to pay.

Btw it's mp3 so the file isn't that big, and download everything doesn't mean you have to keep everything on your computer:)

Oh ok. What you're doing

Oh ok. What you're doing seems to be working fine :) It'd just be cool to have somewhere to see/play the tracks when you're just popping online, like on mobile or whatever. Maybe soundcloud? idk haha

Well, i'll upload the full

Well, i'll upload the full album on youtube with time marker in the description in 2 weeks ^^

I'll be starting my download

I'll be starting my download at work tomorrow, hopefully get a good chance to listen to it provided it's not super busy. I'm excited though!

Yaaay :D

Yaaay :D