Recording: Rayman 1 - Meditating Monks

Submitted Thu, 04/06/2017 - 14:47
by hashel

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This is my arrangement of "Meditating Monks" from Rayman 1 OST on PS1 composed by RĂ©mi Gazel.

This song wasn't my 1st choice for the album and when i started working on it i didn't knew were i was going and i felt uninspired...
Until i tried some new Kontakt Ethnic VST packs and then i had that idea to mix Oriental and Asian sounds and try to give it a kind of mystical feeling.

Most of the VST were played live (most of the flute and sitar are improvisations) but some parts were programmed due to my lack of synth skills ^^'

Guitar has a really secondary role in that cover but it's really fun to try new things and style, hope you'll guys will like it in despite of the lazy poorly done video :p