Recording: Final Fantasy 8 - Martial Law [with Lord Bif]

Submitted Fri, 10/02/2015 - 06:22
by hashel

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Yeah new "brollab" with my good friend Lord Bif ^^
As you can see i have a new toy: a Midi Controller!
It's the 1st time i'm using it so don't be too regarding on my hands positions X)
This is part of the FF8 Gametabs Tribute Album :)
The song is playing in Timber, a town occupied by the Galbadian Army. It was composed by the great master Nobuo Uematsu.

We stayed close to the original with some small personal touches, i hope you guys will enjoy it =)

Hashel's Gear:
Guitar - Fender Telecaster (USA Standard)
Tones - Fender Mustang Floor
Synth: Novation Launchkey 49
Mixing and recording - Cubase 5
Arrangement - Guitar Pro 6
Video - Videopad Editor

2 comments on Martial Law [with Lord Bif]

Nice drummin' and guitarrin'


Nice drummin' and guitarrin' XD

And nice 神羅 shirt!

Thanks :D His shirt is

Thanks :D
His shirt is amazing, i want the same so bad :o