Recording: Final Fantasy II - Main Theme

Submitted Sat, 05/02/2015 - 16:07
by hashel

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Heeey 1st collab with my friend Lord bif Music:
We are going to collaborate in the near future, it's really fun working with him :)
For the arrangement, i was inspired by a part of "finally Free" from Dream Theater. I though the bells and the riff fits this song really well to show more it's darker side.

Also it's the last video with my Ashton bass guitar. I've got a new baby :D
So the song was composed my Nobuo Uematsu for the FF2 OST, great NES classic. It's my last video for FF2, now time to cover some FF3!

Lord Bif: Drums, synth, Mix & Video
Hashel05: Bass, Guitars, Mix & Arrangement