Recording: Street Fighter II - Ken's Theme

Submitted Fri, 07/29/2016 - 17:43
by hashel

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So i had the chance to participate to "Versus" on GamelarkRecord side's with this cover of Ken's Theme from Street Fighter 2.
I added some bits of Guile's Theme too, cause you know those guy are having a bromance.
Basically this song sounds like both of those characters had sex in a 70's porn movie, or something like that.

Thanks for watching :)

2 comments on Ken's Theme

Congrats on featuring in

Congrats on featuring in Versus Mr. Hashel! Nice, unique take here which is refreshing to hear. Kinda reminds me of the oppressed from ff7. Side should make a cover of the oppressed haha

Thanks a lot, i've really

Thanks a lot, i've really tried to take the song somewhere else!
And yes one days i'll do a kind of slums medley :D