Recording: Final Fantasy 11 - Gustaberg

Submitted Fri, 09/25/2015 - 14:51
by hashel

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This is our entry for the "Pixel Mixers Desert and Dry Areas Cover contest". So we had to do this in hurry, Korpikopan did an amazing job with the synth/piano but sadly he didn't had the time to make the video except for his... KEYTAR SOLO !!! ^^
Also great thanks to Oliver Blenton who had to do the percussion track during the LAST NIGHT to be ready for the deadline =)
This song is played during the exploration of the 1st area of FF11 if you started as a citizen of the Republic of Bastok, it's different from most of the "desert themes" in VGM.
It's calm and relaxing and i tried to give it a folk/prog/ballad vibe with the arrangement.