Recording: Various - Gametabs FFVIII Album + Pixel Mixers Horror Album

Submitted Tue, 11/10/2015 - 09:21
by hashel

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1) Gametabs FF8 Album
It's taking time cause i really want ALL the songs of the OST done i have to wait for the few last songs. But the album will have 4 CDs of music from many youtube musicians =)

2) Pixel Mixers Horror Album
For not being stuck with the FF8 album, i've launched the making of the 1st "Pixel Mixers" album, based on the Horror Theme =)
You can be a part of this album, all the information you need are here:

3) Links
- Gametabs:
- FF8 Album topic:
- VGCover reddit:
- Pixel Mixers November Contest: