Recording: Chrono Cross - Frozen Flame

Submitted Sun, 03/20/2016 - 19:19
by hashel

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Download my Frozen Flame Cover from Chrono Cross here, for free:

So this is an entry for the Chrono Album by pixel mixers:

Idk why but as lovely this song is i wasn't able to find ideas to make the arrangement and i probably should have stopped at this moment but i wanted to record it and as simple the song is it took me like 2 weeks, because i was like REALLY demotivated and not inspired, everything i've recorded was BAD, my mix was BAD etc.

I asked some helps to PyjamaPants and she helped me a bit to focus on what was bad in the mix. But finishing this cover was a burden. So yeah it could have been better and i'm sorry for that but be prepared for some REALLY cool stuffs in the next days ;D

5 comments on Frozen Flame

Hmm definitely not as unique

Hmm definitely not as unique as your usual covers but the playing itself is perfectly fine, also new guitar? I enjoyed the tone very much for the cover.

Yeah i know i was really out

Yeah i know i was really out of inspiration and i didn't had much fun playing but looks like the results is not bad tho.
Yes new guitar but i'm using it in my previous pokémon, ff9, chrono trigger, parasite eve and dino crisiss covers ^^

Oh excellent looking forward


Oh excellent looking forward to hearing it.

i mean, those are already on

i mean, those are already on youtube :p

Pft way to much effort to go


Pft way to much effort to go check it out on another site :)