Recording: Kirby Super Star - Floating Away

Submitted Tue, 02/27/2018 - 17:44
by hashel

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I originally don't know Kirby music so i took the time to listen to a bunch of them and this one caught my attention.
I really liked how relaxing the main melody was. So my idea for the arrangement was to make it even more chill.
My main inspiration was "Breath" by Pink Floyd, especially for the drums.
This arrangement also features a lot of improvisation (approximately 60% of the song) so i took a lot of freedom here and it's really different from the original.
Still hope i managed to keep the global mood!
I have 2 other finished songs i made for album that are not released yet, and i'm also working on 2 other ones for Pixel Mixers, so should be bale to upload bunch of new things soon =)

Thanks for watching!

Original song composed by: Jun Ishikawa

PS: Sorry for fucking up the video play-back, i should not wait so long before making video, i always have to re learn the song and i don't have the patience to make a 100% accurate take ^^'