Recording: Final Fantasy 8 - Compression of Time

Submitted Fri, 05/23/2014 - 12:38
by hashel

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Hi guys :D New Video !

Once again i wanted to put this in the "Light & Darkness" gametabs album but it doesn't really sounds "Dark" :/

The video is not really better, sorry xD

I will now a bit focus on the collab with SlashBib :)

Guitar : Fender Telecaster amrican Standard
Effects : Fender Mustang Floor
Recording and Mixing : Audacity
Backing Track and Arrangement : Guitar Pro 6

Composed by nobuo Uematsu for final Fantasy 8
Played and arrangement by Hashel05

4 comments on Compression of Time

Good job bro ^^


Good job bro ^^

Thanks dude :D I had some fun

Thanks dude :D
I had some fun with the effects with that one :')

Love this song, love this


Love this song, love this game, and love this cover. Good freaking job man!

thanks a lot =)

thanks a lot =)