Recording: Final Fantasy 1 - Chaos Temple

Submitted Wed, 12/17/2014 - 11:40
by hashel

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So i was borred (again) at my mom's house. Sadly i din't bring my Telecaster so i made this one with my "bad" guitar which sounds way less cool for the lead ! I also only use the Line6 for the tones. I'm still learning how it works so it's not perfect again.
Well i kinda happy of the dist rhythm tone and the solo tone.
For the solo i've tried a style a bit different from what i use to do, you'll tell me if you enjoyed it ^^
Also the last part of the song is mainly inpirated by the Ikaruga Remix of the Ocean Shrine theme.
Both songs composed by uematsu, arranged by Hashel05 (and Ikaruga) and played by Hashel05 too, which is me.