Recording: Final Fantasy III - Castle Of Hain

Submitted Tue, 12/14/2010 - 12:01
by hashel | View the tab

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AKA Hein's Castle, i made a tab from the NES version.

It's a bit tricky, i had problem with the tempo in some part but it's a really funny song to play !

I hope you'll like it, any comment are welcome :p

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you should totally program

you should totally program more drums into your covers. Other than that, it was nice.

You're right but i'm not

You're right but i'm not really good at make drums part with GuitarPro.
I did a cover of Dark Crystals (i'll post it soon) with the drums part from the DS version and i allready did with my Cornelia Castle cover.
I'll try to add more drums in the next covers and maybe create some drums part in tracks who doesn't have one ^^

Thanks for comment :)