Recording: The Legend of Dragoon - Boss Battle MEdley

Submitted Sat, 05/09/2015 - 17:14
by hashel

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So this is my 3rd enter for the Gametabs Boss Battle Album!
I had some struggle tu make the arrangement and the video cause i'm not home and my laptop is kinda lame...
Also it's a medley of the 3 boss themes (minor, major et super boss) of the game.
Sorry for the video quality ^^'
1st video with THE NEW BASS :D and 1st time i try to slap dat bass :)

Guitar - Fender Telecaster (USA Standard)
Bass - Fender Jazz (Mexico)
Tones - Pod Farm 2
Mixing and recording - Cubase 5
Arrangement - Guitar Pro 6
Video - Videopad Editor

What's Next ?
- Battle with Gilgamesh (collab)
- Dancing Mad (BIG COLLAB!)
And then go back to some clean stuffs, i miss my clean tones ^^