Recording: Chrono Trigger - Black Omen

Submitted Mon, 04/04/2016 - 09:01
by hashel

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This song will figure in the Pixel Mixers Chrono Trigger/Cross Album :D It's played in the last bit of the game and it has this dark feeling around it. I instinctively thought about some rock stuffs, the intro organ inspired by deep purple but the main one was "Queens of the Stone age" with their heavy but slow rock riffs, it think this style fits really well the song.

And ImAFutureGuitarHero nailed totally those rhythm guitars and the drums, be sure to subscribe to his channel for more VGM Cover:
The video on his channel:
Thanks to him for his takes and the really nice video editing he did (i need to learn how to splitscreen xD)
I'm really happy with the final result and i hope you guys will like it :)

This video is an entry for the Team-Up Challenge organized by SwigglesRP, you can find all the information about this right here:

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3 comments on Black Omen

Good job guys! Killing it,


Good job guys! Killing it, Hashel :D I like the little intro riff haha

Thanks :D Do you mean the

Thanks :D

Do you mean the bass line? ^^

It was all chill :) and by


It was all chill :) and by "intro riff" I mean the dual guitar part in the beginning.