Recording: Final Fantasy X-2 - To Zanarkand

Submitted Thu, 01/07/2010 - 14:12
by GuitarFailKid

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I'm just going to copy + Paste from my utube description, and use it again here.

I am really not happy with this run, My camera is packing up on me I was afraid it wouldn't record, You can see it starting to go all funny about halfway through, it didn't affect the sound because I recorded that seperately but this video was recorded edited and uploaded within about 15minutes so I really didn't put that much effort into it at all, But here it is anyway!


But I'd like to add that I would like an outsiders opinion on my hybrid picking? Good or Bad? Give it up or continue? :-S Please :) thank you.


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They hybrid picking was


They hybrid picking was interesting. You're really good at it, so I would say keep it up. It seems to make your playing come through more.

sounds really good on that


sounds really good on that electric. Your hybrid picking is really neat I honestly haven't really seen hybrid picking in action but it sounded as if you were playing finger style so keep it up. Overall great performance

Thank you for your guys kind

Thank you for your guys kind words, it means a lot to me. The extensive playing for 1year + is starting to pay off a lil bit. I'll get 1 more video up soon but then you probably won't see another one for 6 months because I might just have to chuck my camera against a wall:D

Vic9mm your Circle of Eternity video kicks serious amount of ass. I rated it :D

I know you said it sounds good on electric `n all but I really shouldn't have picked that echo effect, I'll go for a more clean tone next time, try to keep it as close to accoustic as I can I reckon. I'll find something that sounds good with some more play

Speak to you soon guys :D

Yes, very well done on this

Yes, very well done on this piece. Also I am very intrigued on how long it had taken you to fully develop the "hybrid" picking that you are performing here. Still very good piece of music and very good picking.

It's a nice piece. Though if


It's a nice piece. Though if I were you, and have been mainly doing songs that emphasize on fingerstyle. I'd use a much clearer tone or, you know, save for a nice acoustic guitar.

Hybrid picking isn't a bad way to go about things, just work building a flow as much as you can.

Best of luck.

Yeah I agree with the clearer

Yeah I agree with the clearer tone for sure! Surreal, I wont be so quick to use that tone again. it sounded a bit muddled I suppose

redfender, great warrior was my first hybrid picking song, and that was uploaded 3months ago on my utube channel, so I have been working on that as my first song, then I downloaded a LOT of gametabs from kabukibear and the various lonlonjp songs found here and I worked on them extensively for a minimum of like 4hours a day everyday for the 3months. So I spent a lot of hours trying to get the hybrid picking down.

I recommend some practice

I recommend some practice with a metronome. Your playing is quite steady when you are playing all eighth notes, but it doesn't sound like you're counting out the longer notes at all (the dotted halves in the introduction, for example, sound like a measure of 5/8 and a measure of 4/8, rather than a measure each of 6/8). You also lose an eighth note like this at 1:24 and 2:05. Count if you need to! It's jarring when the rhythm is wrong there.

Also, you speed up quite a lot by the 20 second mark, and settle into a tempo which is faster than the original; that's fine, I'm not trying to say you have to play it at the original tempo, but you did start near it and speed up. The tempo change doesn't sound very good, but most of the song does sound pretty good--it's only the beginning.

Your recording also goes into 4/4 time at 0:44, 0:53, 0:59, 1:11, 1:46, 1:51, 1:57, 2:09, because you add a beat in each of those places. It sounds like a mistake, but if you are doing it on purpose I don't really recommend it--it disrupts the flow of the song, which otherwise sounds close to the original. (If you were making a more "prog rock" version, I could understand changing time signatures so often, but in this it sounds like a mistake.)

All of this could be rectified with some metronome practice and counting, though, and otherwise nicely done :-)