Recording: Silent Hill 2 - Silent Hill - Promise

Submitted Mon, 09/09/2013 - 05:02
by GuitarFailKid

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May not be as good as some of the other amazing "Silent Hill - Promise" covers from this website, I tried to change it up a little at the end. Hope this sounds ok, I kind of never realised how "Bass" heavy it sounds, my studio monitors are kinda cheap budget speakers and I never realised how it sounded until I came to listen to this on a different set of speakers. Kinda piffed about that.

OttotheOtter97 and danielguerracaballer(I have recently discovered mao_west and KAT's version of this song aswel! Amazing!!! ) have already done amazing covers so I almost didn't bother, but I had already done 2 other Silent Hill songs and this one was always going to be one I'd like to have covered so I thought I would give it a try.

Thank you for listening

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the quality is nice man

the quality is nice man

I am really glad you think

I am really glad you think so. I am having trouble keeping the quality this good for my new cover though :-/

Nice! Like mao_west said -


Nice! Like mao_west said - quality is very good. Great cover!

You can listen my version of that song here:

btw lol


btw lol

and there you have my rating

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the kind words, I had a look at both of your versions, they are great! I commented on both links, rated etc. I Feel kind of guilty that I didn't mention your guys covers in the description. Changing that now! I honestly didn't see them before. And when I search for even my own video, I am not even within the first 20 pages so I doubt anyone will get to see my video past anyway lol.

Thanks a lot, It means a lot to me.