Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme - Those Who Fight

Submitted Sun, 04/11/2010 - 05:08
by GuitarFailKid | View the tab

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I just realised how bad this sounds compared to lonlonjp's recording, lol I'm not going to be too hard on myself though as that guy is god.

I didn't use a capo for this. I don't have one, but you still get the idea :D

Thank you for watching.

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I loled at 1:14 :D

I loled at 1:14 :D

I stumbled at the end cuz I

I stumbled at the end cuz I had a mind block for the last chord so I just blagged it, lol

The guitar is in perfect tune though, I always double check it before I record a video

Really!? The middle part

The middle part sounds quite off imo. D:

It would have been my

It would have been my playing, lol. It's riddled with mistakes. I will definitely put up a better version of this when I can that wont sound so bad tho.

Are you pressing too hard, or

Are you pressing too hard, or pulling the strings sideways when you fret? Those can affect intonation, as can the guitar's setup. It does sound like it's out of tune though. Do you use an electronic tuner?

No capo is fine, but maybe


No capo is fine, but maybe you should get a tuner. =/

So you're playing a

So you're playing a fingerstyle piece with a pick? That's quite counter productive. There's a reason why fingerstyle players aren't playing pinch harmonics or doing sweeps.

Really this performance feels really stifled and a lot of the original song was lost in the jarring tone, muddled chords, and faulty tuning/intonation.

Do be harder on yourself, putting anyone who plays a song like this flawlessly on a pedestal you're limiting yourself from reaching does you no real benefit. Know your boundaries for the sake of expanding them.

I dont like the idea of

I dont like the idea of playing without a pick on my electric though, and I'm not into playing accoustic, I do own one now but I just prefer to play the electric.

The song will have sounded off because I can't play it yet, I probably should have practiced for a few more days for a better performance or even longer. (months) lol.

I'm pretty sure that one day I can get better playing with a pick, and I'd rather not stick to the traditional fingerpicking style and rather would have my own style and a few more years down the line I'm sure I'll pwn at it.

I do think sweeps and pinchers would sound awesome if used correctly though. along with the fingerpicking.

Tuner, yeah I use the guitar rig 4 tuner, and I own an electric tuner, plus I have a tuner on the Amp + footpedal aswel so plenty of tuners lying around.

The floating bridge on the guitar is probably the problem, if I pull 1 string too hard it makes all the others go flat, but that's just due to rushing and not taking as much care as I should have done.

i like it you play way better

i like it you play way better than i ever could :)