Recording: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Metropolis Zone

Submitted Mon, 01/09/2012 - 01:09
by guetaminute

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First VG cover. This one turned out better than expected. Didn't record myself playing the tapping part with camera, but it's there.

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Nice bottle of water. lolol I

Nice bottle of water.
lolol I can see you've adopted the multiple-angle style most vg guitarists use, one step closer to the goal eh? you achieved a pretty good tone Gueta, definetly better than before, we're making progress in our pod mastery aren't we. The Lead was good, albeit some of the tapping parts felt like they could be improved further. a great start anyways.

Thanks a lot, Jam! Yeah I

Thanks a lot, Jam! Yeah I don't like the single-angle style, it bugs me. The tapping I could have improved, I know. I didn't like the way they came out. That tapping lick in particular is awkward for me, unlike most tapping licks.

That box in the top

That box in the top middle/right kind of looks like you're jacking off most of the time.