Recording: Bravely Default - Land of Glaze (aka Fascinating Flower Country)

Submitted Tue, 11/03/2015 - 08:25
by gudz

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First time recording with classical guitar :D
Had a lot of fun with this one
Tab has been submitted ;)

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So, you recorded it in a


So, you recorded it in a studio ?
That's pretty GOOD !

Actually, it's my friend's

Actually, it's my friend's bedroom xD He put soundproof cover on walls and all kind of mics/preamps/speakers/profilers etc. So it's like a non-professional studio placed in a bedroom, but still a quality one :p
All that I've recorded, I've done it there :D

Sounds like you're living in

Sounds like you're living in a musical house ^^



Everything was super clean

Everything was super clean and precise, excellent work sir! Only the electric got a bit hard to hear around the 1 minute mark...

Now if you excuses me I'm going to go make pizza by hand or something, because I feel like I'm in an Italian kitchen.

HAHAHAHA as italian, I must

HAHAHAHA as italian, I must approve this (even though this sound is more southern/mediterranean, and I'm pretty up at North. But that's not the point lol).
About the electric part you're right, those sounds are pretty harsh, especially when matched to classical guitar. Problem is, the electric guitar plays as violins, so I needed sustain and enough frets for high-pitched notes and the acoustic couldnt provide them :)

You misunderstand my friend,


You misunderstand my friend, I was just saying the guitar volume was a tad low for the electric I am very happy with the tone. :)

Lol conpletely misunderstood

Lol conpletely misunderstood :D yeah I agree, in that part electric guitar decay a bit too much. But it was actually my choice: if the electric guitar volume would be higher, you couldnt hear classical this much and all that song part would be a bit chaotic (hope i got grammar right :p). Anyway, thanks for the feedback :D