Recording: Goldeneye 007 - Frigate "La Fayette"

Submitted Sun, 07/20/2014 - 15:32
by GDultima

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This is my guitar cover of Goldeneye 64 song frigate, one of my favorite level themes from the game and an instant nostalgia trip as soon as I hear it. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it. :D

Composed by: Grant Kirkhope
Arranged and Performed by: GDultima/Reece Harper

4 comments on Frigate "La Fayette"

Wa a bit rough here and there

Wa a bit rough here and there but you had fun with it and made me nestalgic as hell. So good job sir.

Thanks dude, I've been

Thanks dude, I've been playing less than a year so it's nice to get critique. I know it's probably too soon to be recording stuff but I like making stuff and I wanted a way to track my progress so that in later years I can see how far I've come. Sorry for the solo btw, I now realize that it is soooo out of key. :D

Haha, don't worry about that!

Haha, don't worry about that! Have fun! Enjoying yourself is pretty important if you want to stay motivated to stick with it :-)

As long as you're learning, you'll probably be able to look back on each song and say "Oh, that solo was sooo out of key" or "I should have done such-and-such", etc. That's totally fine! What you should worry about is the day you think everything you do is gold—that would mean you've stopped learning xD

Hah it's fine, at least your


Hah it's fine, at least your trying to do them I know lots of people that avoid playing them.