Recording: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Wind God's Aria

Submitted Sat, 11/13/2010 - 19:07
by elriczero

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bueno ok creo que cometi un error al copiar el tab pero yo la saque de ultimate-guitar y solo querĂ­a que estuviera en gametabs para que no la tuvierna que buscar en otro lado yo no sabia que esta tab era de Archard poruqe el lugar de donde la saque decia que habia sido compuseta por otra persona lamento el error mis disculpas a archard lo respeto por las composiciones que ha hecho lo siento soy nuevo :( espero me disculpen
P.S: yo no poste el tab de archard en ultimate guitar ya estaba posteada alli ok yo solo la copie de ahi pra que estuviera en este sitio
yo la saque de aqui

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sorry for the error im new

sorry for the error im new nad i think that the songs of wind aria wasn't are like the song i decide create one. propietity of from the user by Richard Schaefer and Composed by Koji Kondo.

What? 1. Your English isn't


1. Your English isn't comprehensible. Can you try speaking Spanish? We have several fluent Spanish speakers here, such as Salem, who may or may not choose to help.

2. The recordings section is for posting videos of *you* playing a song. Don't upload other people's videos in the recordings section. Don't upload soundtrack versions.

3. Don't post tabs in the recordings section.

4. Don't post tabs by other people.

5. Don't post tabs that were taken from another site without permission.


Well, no harm done. You gave credit, and you apologized for some reason. So it's okay. But you aren't doing this right.

Can someone who knows Spanish talk some sense into this guy? xD

P.S. Holy crap, did Xaxu get permission to post Archard's tab on ultimate-guitar?

P.P.S. Hey, I don't see that arrangement (it's an arrangement?) anywhere on Archard's Gametabs profile, or anywhere on the site. Archard, did you even make that tab, or does it just have your name on it for some reason?

Archard did make the tab, but

Archard did make the tab, but the song is called makar's awakening



Gnarly old sea cap'i'tan: Y'argh; Not as big as my Pedro, ya' barnacle.

Seriously, can someone who

Seriously, can someone who speaks Spanish explain to them?

lo siento no sabia que era la

lo siento no sabia que era la de makar's awakenin lo siento ya me didisulpe yo sauqe la tab de aqui