Recording: Mario RPG - Sad song

Submitted Tue, 01/25/2011 - 15:39
by demigorgon | View the tab

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tabs should be up soon, pretty fun and easy song to play.

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Great man. I like the piece.


Great man. I like the piece. But to me it doesn't sound sad. It's more like, I'm sitting somewhere in a Café in France and it's a sunny afternoon and everyone feels totally lazy and somewhere in the distance someone plays this tune on his accordion and everyone starts daydreaming.

I can see something like that

I can see something like that too, haha. but the song is literally named "sad song"

There are four things I can

There are four things I can think of that would change the mood:

1. Instrumentation -- the original obviously wasn't for guitar (or accordion). It was actually for a plinky piano that sounded like all of the strings were slightly out of tune. Huuuuuuge difference.

2. Tempo -- I think they're actually pretty close, so probably not a factor.

3. Interpretation -- performance of any live instrument will lend itself to emotional interpretation. This performance is more "straightforward" than "flowing".

4. Pitch -- the original was an octave+1/2 step up. This could make a difference.

well done


well done