Recording: Final Fantasy X - Jecht's Theme

Submitted Wed, 07/16/2014 - 12:24
by Deiselc

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So I have a few really big things I'm working on right nowso I recorded this quickly a few days ago.

I also mic'd up my amp for this rather than amp model and I I'm pretty happy with the sound I got.

So heres a 24 bar blues in E, Enjoy

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Nice job sir probably my fav

Nice job sir probably my fav song from FFX next to otherworld, almost chose this as one of my submissions for Album #3 actually.

Offtopic do you happen to have the Rhyhtm guitar notes? Would like to add them to the tab I have already. :)

Thanks man I'm glad you liked

Thanks man I'm glad you liked it, I've always liked this song and it gave me an excuse to play some blues.

The song is a 24 bar blues progression in E minor. I played it slightly differently but the original chords are Em for 10 measures, Am for 4 measures, Em for 4 measures, Bm for 2 measures, Am for 2 measures, Em for 2 measures and end on a Bm.
But I played varying between minor and seven chords and a few extra notes here and there.

im not sure i played ffx long


im not sure i played ffx long enough to hear this song, this recording is great though gametabs needs more blues

So cool :D That electric


So cool :D
That electric impro si sooooo cool, exactly what i like to hear !
Juste be carreful on the bends with the acoustic :)

Thanks man, I realy enjoyed

Thanks man, I realy enjoyed messing aroun dwith this song.

The acoustic is brand new and it needs to be set up and played in a bit, since I like its very clear sound but its a bit hard to play I've only had it for a week so its not quite right for me yet.