Recording: Ib - Old Puppet

Submitted Fri, 09/14/2012 - 06:08
by daniel guerra caballero | View the tab

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My 4th cover from "Ib", a rpg horror game made by Kouri. This song is called Furiningyou (Old Puppet) and was used on the short and creepy clip "Carry Careless and the Galette des Rois". I added some stabs on background XD
Download game here: (original in japanese) (english fan translation)
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2 comments on Old Puppet

Nice ending to that


Nice ending to that mini-story, and enjoyable cover as always daniel. Arpeggio segment (0:45+) sounds really great on guitar with the bgm.
I think the multiple stabs instead of one makes more sense since it isn't obvious finding a key there, so good initiative keke. Cultural point: it was never coins in galettes de rois where I was but what we call fève in French, not that it matters. It might be a coin (although it's easier to swallow, fèves weren't flat, so not the best idea) in other places.
You'd get to be king for a day, but eternal happiness makes the ending more interesting <:

Why didn't she just chill and

Why didn't she just chill and wait till she pooped it out?