Recording: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Song of Healing

Submitted Thu, 11/29/2012 - 15:37
by Choogly

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A few embarrassing mistakes here and there, but I hope yall will enjoy it nonetheless. Will upload more recordings soon

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I have been waiting SO long


I have been waiting SO long to cover this song. I want to do something HUGE with it but the gear wait is a cruel mistress.

Like a multi-instrumental

Like a multi-instrumental type thing?

Pretty much. I want to

Pretty much. I want to feature more Japanese instruments and acoustic stuff. make it extremely depressing with some heavy moments. But I want to wait til I can afford the gear and stuff. i plan to redo allot of stuff once I get the gear. Right now is the learning stage for me.

That sounds sweet,

That sounds sweet, traditional japanese instruments could really accent the eeriness of the piece imo. I love thinking about how to approach dynamics, how to tell the story of the song or convey the emotions and ideas it instills in me.

care to share your


care to share your setup(guitar/mic/etc)? Do you do any post recording touch up or is what you hear what you get?

Sure thang mebro! My guitar

Sure thang mebro!

My guitar is an acoustic electric Takamine CD132SC with Aranjuez medium gauge(300, I think) classical silver plated strings, which I would highly recommend to anyone looking to try out new strings. After I found em I didn't bother to look at other brands though, so I can't say I'm that knowledgeable. All I can really compare them to are D'Addario classical strings (which I don't like very much) or Augustine strings (which I don't think are as good).

I plug it into my computer using a Behringer Guitar/USB interface UC6102 which I got for 20 bucks on ebay, definitely worth it, and I record with Guitar Rig 4.

I'm ashamed of it, but I do generally do touch up a recording unless it's short enough that I don't have to pause to scroll down (too lazy to memorize pieces) and with a shorter duration there's a smaller likelihood of fucking up. Recording makes me nervous, so I generally make more mistakes or struggle with sections that aren't ordinarily very difficult. I think all the recording I've been doing has helped me partially overcome that though, and if you want to hear all the recordings I do and hear them as soon as I make them you can check em out here I used to just start recordings over again from the top, but that really takes a lot more energy than playing the section again and deleting the version with the mistake.

Very unprofessional, I know haha. I don't have nearly the level of skill or the work ethic of someone like TrangOul or the other greats on the site, at least not yet. If I can make music people enjoy, that's enough for now.

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with touch ups. Your making music, not displaying skill.
A good tip is to play into the section your having issues with and not simply hit record 3 secs before it. it gives your hands a chance to relax.

The more you do it the more you will get use to it. The more you record the more you realize you need to practice XD

Yeah, I generally give myself

Yeah, I generally give myself a small break to bark curses haha. But yeah, I've been recording a ton lately, probably uploaded 30+ recordings in the past few weeks to my soundcloud. Thanks for the advice btw, it does help to think more about the music than what it says about my skill level.

I actually really enjoyed


I actually really enjoyed Majoras mask, don't know why a lot of people seem to hate it.

Good job on the cover

Thanks! I didn't like it much

Thanks! I didn't like it much myself, I felt the 4 day limit really took away from the sense of freedom and exploration that I had loved so much in OoT. I never got around to beating it. Definitely had some cool moments though