Recording: Yoshi's Story - Theme

Submitted Sun, 10/31/2010 - 00:38
by bubblingbeebles | View the tab

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My first arrangement and recording.
About time I put it on here.... enjoy!

(there was a stabbing in the neighborhood.....incase you are wondering about sirens)


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Nice arrangement/playing ^-^


Nice arrangement/playing ^-^ Pleasant to listen to. 5 stars!

If I were to try to give constructive criticism, I'd say it sounds like you're rushing (speeding up unintentionally). You start out around 105-ish and get to 125 or so bpm by the halfway point.

You don't need to curl up the fingers you aren't using--that creates tension. You can just let them move along with the other fingers in sympathetic movement, to keep them relaxed. Overall you seem like you might be kind of tense. Relax and play confidently!! :-)

Thanks for the constructive

Thanks for the constructive criticism, it's very helpful. :) This was recorded a year and a half ago....but I'll admit I still have these issues. I have a super cool arrangement I'm working on right now and I've been making sure to keep these things in mind while practicing.

Do you enjoy playing fingerstyle guitar yourself?

Yes I do! Well, I mostly

Yes I do! Well, I mostly play bass fingerstyle. I play some guitar, too! I kind of suck, but... xD I like to play.

whoaaaa perfect

whoaaaa perfect