Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's Theme

Submitted Sat, 02/22/2014 - 07:34
by Brody | View the tab

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I love this arrengement from crisis core of this song. And thanks to Shru for the great tab of this song.

2 comments on Aerith's Theme

Nice job, the rhythm guitar

Nice job, the rhythm guitar sounded like it was a bit out of place at times, probably just needs a tweak in the mixing.

Other than that did great, lead guitar had a great tone for this song.

i'm with bigheadclan, the

i'm with bigheadclan, the rhythm guitar seems to muddy up the track a bit. i'm not sure if it's necessarily the mixing though. i think it just sounds a little bit too busy for the rest of the arrangement. it's doing more than it needs to.

that being said, it was a nice track. and im just really glad it didn't resort to distorted lead and heavy drums at any point. good job.