Recording: Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Sanctuary

Submitted Mon, 03/12/2012 - 14:12
by Bhael | View the tab

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This was meant to sound nice and oriental. It came out sounding like a strangled cat. Oh well.

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Good job. I don't think it


Good job. I don't think it sounded as bad as your description implied.

Some general tips for improvement:

  1. Don't put as much pressure on the neck and be gentle. This will allow its vocal chords to enunciate better.
  2. Do not use cat-gut strings. These will most likely be offensive, and may cause depression. Its playing may suffer if this happens.
  3. Clean the body before playing. Keeping it well maintained will ensure a long life.
  4. Make sure the humidity is just right. Too much humidity can dampen its caterwauling. A lack of humidity will most often result in a dry pussy, and nobody likes that.

Cheers nate, that had me in

Cheers nate, that had me in stitches :D.