Recording: Skyrim - Distant Horizons

Submitted Thu, 02/20/2014 - 14:55
by Bhael | View the tab

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One of the arrangements from my upcoming Skyrim album!

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I know I'm absolutely


I know I'm absolutely nitpicking because the performance was phenomenal but it really irks me that your outside and there's no sound of the outdoors. I want to hear birds chirping or wind of something to get some atmospheric effect. I get that its a studio recording but it just feels too unnatural for me lol.

Aside from that, really good job man. Nice quality audio and I like DOF FX from the video.

I agree, we were actually

I agree, we were actually considering recording the sound of the environment before capturing video, but when we got there it completely slipped our mind. Thanks for comment!

Nice re-arrangement of this


Nice re-arrangement of this song, the slow pace fits pretty well.

Good thing to have you back 8D

Thanks Ennea! Good to be

Thanks Ennea! Good to be back.