Recording: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley

Submitted Mon, 11/26/2012 - 15:02
by awesomeman321

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Hello everybody Im awesomeman321!
I am playing the leads and the rhythm guitar in this, i used familyjules7x's backing track since I cant program bass or drums and left in his rhythm guitars to make it sound bigger and better. I hope you like it.
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you gotta stay on beat bro.

you gotta stay on beat bro. it seems like you were rushing on the lead and some notes got shortened, other times the note durations are just played wrong.

^^^ This A little bit more

^^^ This

A little bit more practice would have made this much better, you have all the right elements for a good cover. That aside I've heard much worse covers so don't feel to discouraged.

Thanks and yeah at first I

Thanks and yeah at first I was discouraged because of everyone saying only bad things about it. Could you check out my other cover and let me know what you think. Here's the link

Your notes aren't sounding

Your notes aren't sounding out, your timing is off, and the electric coming in just sounds super harsh and doesn't mesh well with the rest of the song.

The only guitar I could hear

The only guitar I could hear that was actually your guitar was the main acoustic lead and the electric from 1:02 onward. The rest was Jules's. I would suggest turning your rhythm guitar up a bit, since I couldn't hear it all. You've got a nice sound coming from your acoustic, except the timing is off. Like BigHeadClan said, practicing a little more beforehand would help you get the song down.

Hmmm... o.0 I agree It was


Hmmm... o.0 I agree It was off in some parts already previously mentioned. (note durations and such...) It sounded like you had some hard times with the acoustic. ^_^;; Its all good though. I'd suggest practicing with a metronome to get the rhythm right. Thinner gauge strings on the acoustic could help you out as well. One more thing I'd note is you weren't using the pinky at all on your fretting hand. It'll help out a great deal with some of those stretches you were trying to make. It all happens in time. I give you props for posting a video here. ^_^

It's true that the rhythm

It's true that the rhythm needs work, but that's not something you force simply by doing it over and over. The real problem is you can't keep up with what you're trying to play. It's too fast, and you're too tensed up. You're locked into position, and you can barely move. Read this:

Now, slow way down. Play way slower than you think you need to. Even if you can play it fine at a certain speed, play it SLOWER. Practice for a while, say, five days, playing way below tempo. Don't even try to play it as fast as you can do it cleanly. Slower. Set the metronome to THAT speed. Really slow.

Now that you're playing really slowly, focus and pay attention. If you lose your ability to focus, take a short break, walk around, stretch, shake out any tension, then resume. (No one can stay focused forever.) Pay attention to how you play. Be precise. Align with the metronome. Pay attention to your whole body. That includes your hands, obviously--are they locked into place, or relaxed? But it also includes things like your feet, your stomach, your shoulders, and so on.

Don't worry about building up speed right now--you create muscle memory just as well when you play slowly, but this way, the muscle memory you build is focused, relaxed, and precise. Building muscle memory takes days and nights, which is why you shouldn't try to speed up at all for those five days. Your brain keeps working on it after you stop playing, including while you sleep. (Make sure you sleep well each night you practice!)

After you've had the discipline to do this for five days, you can start gradually turning the metronome up. If you feel less precise or more tense, stop. Even if you were playing it okay, stop. Slow back down. Those are signs that the muscle memory isn't quite there yet, so you need to play slowly some more. (It'll take some time to un-learn the "bad" muscle memory you've got. If you try to play too fast, you WILL reinforce that "bad" muscle memory, so be patient! It'll pay off!)

Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback guys


Thanks for the feedback guys my second cover is out and on here so please check It out and let me know what you think! Also thanks for telling me what to improve and doing it in a nice way and not just saying it sucked or I suck!

I would also say to play the

I would also say to play the lead melody up a few strings closing to the
first frets. using the open strings helps a little bit for the melody.