Recording: Final Fantasy VIII - Waltz for the Moon

Submitted Fri, 08/07/2015 - 18:03
by andersongs87

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My entry for GameTabs FF8 Album!
This was the hardest cover I've ever done.
The melody is easy, the riffs and solos are easy.
But pretty much everything is delicate and harder ...
I tried to add a rhythm guitar and not worked.
I tried two guitars and not worked.
I do not know why ... how much simple i did better was ... sometimes "less is more"

I did make a lot of version, everything I tried was tangled. But the end and better version that I did make, is an simple cover with a lead guitar and bass...

Special Thanks to my friend Hashel05 for help me with some adivices!

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Solid work Anderson! Indeed

Solid work Anderson! Indeed sometimes it can be very easy to over-crowd songs with to many things.