Recording: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Zelda's Lullaby

Submitted Sun, 11/23/2014 - 17:44
by Alfa_ice

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A fine performance sir and it

A fine performance sir and it fills me with nostalgia, is it just me or does the lower notes/brush strokes sound a bit off (to much bass?).

Could just be my laptop P.o.S speakers though.

Really excellent performance


Really excellent performance and a pleasure to listen to!

Personally I'd have less reverb and a warmer eq sound--to make it less "tube-y bathroom" and more "warm cozies". Yeah, I said it. Warm cozies.

But hey, I'm listening on my crappy laptop speakers too, which don't have *any* bass.

I was actually deciding

I was actually deciding between "cavernous" or "warm ambience" reverb. Warm ambience has less reverb, but makes the bass sound ever bassier, so I had to compremise. Alhambra 200 is really bass heavy. But if it's bass your missing I recommend listening with headphones, or speakers with subwoofer. Oh and also the new mic are more to bass oriented than the former one.

Yeah I'm getting pretty

Yeah I'm getting pretty balanced sound with headphones.

Would you be able to mix an mp3 from the bare take, with no reverb or eq? I'd just like to see how different it sounds.

I will provide two versions

I will provide two versions in Album #2, one version without any edit on the sound, and one with a little warm ambience reverb (less reverb than in the video). Can be downloaded now!

I think it sounds lovely the

I think it sounds lovely the way it is. Don't forget you can EQ reverb separately, by the way.

Such a soothing song and very


Such a soothing song and very well played, Sir :D

Is it your own arrangement or an existing tab?

Thanks! I did not arrange

Thanks! I did not arrange this song 100%, but I did tab it by listening to this:

A preformance by Sathoshi Aikawa, not sure if he arranged it though.
There are probably some notes that don't match fully. Also I left out the ending chord he used.

Your performance sounds good


Your performance sounds good in my new home (with better acoustic) :)
One million of thanks to upload the tab (from youtube), it's fun to play :D & really accurate !