Recording: Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel

Submitted Sun, 05/25/2014 - 15:38
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This is by far the most difficult song I've ever worked on. Seriously o_o.

Hope you all enjoy it!

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Yeah :D Can't say anything


Yeah :D
Can't say anything more that what i've said on youtube ^^
thanks for sharing it !

Wooooooooh, great job bro


Wooooooooh, great job bro !
666 out of 5 and added to my fav' :D

Some awesome licks and a

Some awesome licks and a killer tone sir, if only that angelic chorus was nice and clean to go with everything ><

Oh well 5 stars!

Didn't you like the choir? D:

Didn't you like the choir? D: So sorry, I tried my best to make it as realistic and decente as possible!
Thanks for the support!!

That was your own Chorus?


That was your own Chorus? Touch'e I thought you just pulled it from the orginal and made some changes to it... that's pretty crazy how close it sounds.

Oh and don't worry about my critque, I always try and give some negative in with positive. This is a pretty fantastic cover no matter how you look at it.