Recording: Mega Man X - Boomer Kuwanger

Submitted Thu, 01/19/2012 - 01:24
by Aleph

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Hm, first time I've really done anything like this. I actually played through it twice, but on the second loop I wasn't in sync with the backing track and I made a bunch of mistakes. (Actually it doesn't sound like the first half was in sync with it all the time, anyway. Maybe I should turn the volume down on my head phones so I can hear the damn thing. xD) Didn't really have time to do another take, so I just cut off the second half since I thought it sounded two times shittier than the first one. Oh, and I know my tone sounds atrocious.

Constructive criticism? ;D

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You need to let the notes


You need to let the notes sound out longer so it sounds less choppy. That's my only issue, besides the fact that the opening chords get lost in the background noise.

Use dat pinky! Try to stay

Use dat pinky! Try to stay in time(lol I'm one to talk), not bad though.

Oh, I mentioned something

Oh, I mentioned something about neglecting your pinky, but I think I accidentally deleted it while I was editing my comment down @[email protected];

I think some people don't use their pinky as much after fret 12, but it really looks like you're neglecting yours, yeah. (I donno, I use my pinky everywhere...) I agree with Ranulf!

Okay, constructive

Okay, constructive criticism:

Yeah, the rhythm is off. Your idea about not playing your part too loud is probably good :-) But ideally you want to be able to play in time even if the click, or just other instruments, are fairly quiet.

Try not to curl up fingers you aren't using (middle and pinky!).

Try not to shift up (or down) with the same finger several notes in a row. You CAN do that and have it sound decent if your rhythm and technique are good, but you pretty much have to nail it, or it'll sound sloppy. It'd be much easier if you just shifted further and used more fingers, or if you changed strings.

well lets see. You gotta

well lets see. You gotta improve your perception of beat and rhythm, in the lead section you cut a lot of notes too early, or jumped into the next one too soon, do you practice with a metronome? I suggest getting one, guitar pro 5's metronome works just fine, if GP5 isn't an option, there are many free ones available online. hmm another thing, start using your pinky, it's a vital finger, avoiding it like that will only do more harm than good later on. I think you should work on those aspects before moving on to your next issue; dynamics and overall interpretation, atm you're falling into that habit of just hitting the notes, no real spice added, such as lack of vibratos, slides, bendings, etc, if you know what I mean. but I think it's still a bit early for us to worry about that, how long have you been playing anyways?

And where are you getting that sound from a physical amp or a VST amp?
if it is a vst amp is sounds as if you were missing the cab lol

Thanks everyone. Yeah, I'm

Thanks everyone. Yeah, I'm aware of the pinky issue, but I'm still finding it pretty hard to use it effectively on anything that's even remotely fast, and I have much more trouble using it past fret 12. Would any particular songs be good for practicing that, or should I just try incorporating it more into what I already know?

And yeah, I didn't do too well at really staying on time in this video, but it's pretty much the first song I've ever played to a track before. Oh, and I've never used a metronome, but I'll try GP5, since I have that.

As for how long I've been playing: two years, although it may not seem it. Mostly I like to play acoustic and my electric just sits collecting dust, not to mention I barely played guitar at all for the first year. I'm a bit more used to chords and fingerstyle and such, and I've always seemed to do much worse at electric, even though people are like "But electric is so much easier!". Anyway, I want to get better at it.

And the amp, It's Pod Studio GX1, so VST. Well shit, turns out there wasn't a cab, but I'm such an electric guitar noob that I didn't know what a cab was until now. xP Anyway, thanks again, everyone.

For starting out, I'd say

For starting out, I'd say incorporate it into what you already know, relearn to where you start using it more. You just have to practice with it, that's really all there is to it. Cliche, but true.

Hey, I'll give you some

Hey, I'll give you some advice. You're free to ignore it, of course :-D

First, read this:

Besides that, you just need to practice enough to get comfortable with all four fingers. You can practice whatever you want, as long as you're practicing right.

I typed up a scale you could practice, if you wanted. It only spans 4 frets. You'll have to keep all four fingers ready over the strings (no curling them back!). Keep one finger per fret, so index finger on 4, middle on 5, ring on 6, pinky on 7. Practice it with a metronome nice and slow until your fingers feel comfortable.

e |7-5-4---------------------------|----------------------------4-5-|
B |------7-5-4---------------------|----------------------4-5-7-----|
G |------------6-4-----------------|------------------4-6-----------|  (repeat)
D |----------------7-6-4-----------|------------4-6-7---------------|
A |----------------------7-6-4-----|------4-6-7---------------------|
E |----------------------------7-5-|4-5-7---------------------------|

You could also do arpeggios. Here's another one you can do with one finger per fret:

e |--------------4-5-4-------------|
B |------------5-------5-----------|
G |----------6-----------6---------|  (repeat)
D |------6-7---------------7-6-----|
A |--4-7-----------------------7-4-|
E |5-------------------------------|

And of course you can play the same thing further up the neck. Or you could ignore stuff like this entirely, and just play songs. I don't really have any song suggestions for you, though. Just play stuff you like, I guess? :-D

well, im new in guitar too

well, im new in guitar too and i love that theme, keep training and you will get better ^^, but its ok...and i will take all the criticism for me too :V and practice, that song is amazing and one day i will make a video too o/