Recording: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Ice Cap Zone

Submitted Tue, 04/01/2014 - 20:39
by Alechondo

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Here's the last one for today. Got the tab from this website, big thanks to kabukibear for that one. It's the only fingerstyle sonic 3 piece I could find besides that crazy sky sanctuary one that's in a wild tuning(I do love that arrangement tho). Obviously I added a few things and changed a few things to suit myself. Hope ya'll dig. I apologize in advance to kabuki if he thinks I butchered his tab and if not then PLEASE MAKE MOAR SONIC 3 WOOOOOO GO SONIC 3 MUSIC WOOOOO

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Your mic is picking up your

Your mic is picking up your breathing and its kinda distracting. I'm a sucker for stuff like thumbslaps and I like that you tried to make it your own thing.

I think this tab was just something kabuki threw together really quick so it's neat to see people try to embellish and variations or whatnot. Would be nice to see a video if you get a chance!

Yeah you're right, recording

Yeah you're right, recording with my old ipod kinda blows(or I guess I blow, heh air pun). Not something I would put on a cd or anything, I just wanted to show the songs I've got going in progress I guess. I'm planning on investing in a nicer mic soon with a cam on it. So hopefully I'll be able to put some vids up then.

Very nice! Enjoyed this.


Very nice! Enjoyed this.