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Submitted Sat, 04/09/2011 - 06:59
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Yup you're a good fingerstyle

Yup you're a good fingerstyle player !
BUT, flooding with your videos and selfrate your videos... that not the best way to make you appreciate here.
So plz next time post your videos 1 by 1 or 2 by 2 and maybe write a little text, it's always nice =)

You can tell if someone has

You can tell if someone has rated themselves?

yhea just take a look =>

at least he isnt being modest

at least he isnt being modest

It's just not cool.

It's just not cool.

It's not cool but it really

It's not cool but it really doesn't matter does it? I can understand about the flooding and I can see rating your tabs as that comes up on a top rated tabs list, but rating your own videos doesn't do anything. Why does it irk you guys so much?

I would agree with you,

I would agree with you, Kabukester, if it were limited to just a few videos... but it's not. It irks me, and probably others, because he does it for everything including tabs -- see the comments here (which happened before he started with vids). Bad habits breed more bad habits and I'd hate to see something like this happen more and more.

My stance on ratings is that they are completely subjective and don't make or break the integrity of what is being rated. However, this is abuse of a function that is meant to give proper user feedback and opinions of what other people think. It is shameless and unethical especially when there are things out there that are better yet don't receive any ratings, recognition, or feedback at all.

Anyways, it doesn't irk me enough to rate him down, but it does irk me enough for me to not provide feedback or watch his vids/read his tabs until he stops doing it.

Well, again; the flooding I

Well, again; the flooding I understand as it pushes other people's videos off the front page. The rating of tabs I understand because it can possibly effect the tabs listed on the top rated tab page. But really, the fact that some videos don't receive any ratings or recognition is in no way a product of people rating themselves. Just because he chooses to rate himself doesn't make it any more likely that someone else isn't going to get viewed. What if he rated himself 4 stars or 3 stars? Would that change anything? Does it bother people because they feel like he's getting an unfair 5 star advantage? To what end? 5 star videos aren't listed any more prominently on the recording page than 1 star videos. It's most recent and random. I suppose if you've chosen to sort videos based on rating this could be considered unfair, but really who's searching through videos that way? I can understand that people might get annoyed because it seems like just something you shouldn't do, but again, IT DOESN'T MATTER OR MEAN ANYTHING. It's harmless and childish but no more childish than voting down videos because "that'll show him!" Don't sweat the small stuff folks.

Your points are well

Your points are well received, and I actually agree with you 100% concerning ratings on videos, Kabuki. However, we also agree on ratings of tabs, and so far, he has self-rated every single one of his tabs as well. I chose bitch here, since it was as good a place as any, but my priority is actually the tabs. Any resolution that comes from this will ultimately affect self-rating of tabs as well.

Can we all just get along and

Can we all just get along and just ask archard to make it impossible to self rate?

Agreed, this would seem the

Agreed, this would seem the most logical and easiest way to solve the problem.

Totally would be the best way

Totally would be the best way to go. The subject has been broached on more than one occasion, though, and unfortunately archard has been pretty busy lately D:

Preach on Nate!

Preach on Nate!

People are making mountains

People are making mountains out of molehills here. I found it annoying that someone would rate themselves too but y'all are being way too dramatic about this.

A lot of the issues people are complaining about are infrastructure. There are a lot of other users who rated themselves and nobody said anything about it, people just happened to notice this one.

We have a system that allows people to rate themselves, that is the problem. He's breaking no rules.

Secondly, this guy is new to gametabs so obviously he wants to share his content with us. If he's got a lot of content then fine upload it. If we have a system that discourages people from uploading a lot of content then we need to examine that and deal with it accordingly. Maybe change how vids get pushed off display, etc.