Recording: Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts Guitar Medley

Submitted Sun, 01/26/2014 - 01:08
by 0ZeroDL

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Kingdom Hearts Guitar Medley
Composers: Yoko Shimomura; Utada Hikaru [Hikari]


Song List:

0:00 Dearly Beloved [Kingdom Hearts]
1:26 Kairi's Theme [Kingdom Hearts]
2:22 Xion's Theme [Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days]
4:30 Sora's Sacrifice [Kingdom Hearts]
5:00 Hikari [Kingdom Hearts]

Hey everyone, this is my entry for FamilyJules7x's medley contest. I'm a new member here at GT and saw this section as I was looking around so thought I might as well share it. Any feedback you guys have would be much appreciated, this is pretty much my first time attempting to arrange a medley so any pointers would be great :)

P.S. Apologies for those glitchy sounds. Not sure what the deal is as the project file in mixcraft seems fine :/

P.P.S Sorry for the bad video editing and using the wrong take in dearly beloved, I'm blaming lack of sleep

Equipment and Software:

Rhythm Guitar: Ibanez GRG 170 DX
Lead Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul 100
Classical: Suzuki "something or other" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bass: Monterey MBE-40
Keyboard: BASE MK-937S
Interface: Line 6 Pod Studio UX1
Mic: AKG Perception 120
DAW: Mixcraft Pro Studio 6
Amp Sim: Pod Farm + Metal Shop
Drums: Toontrack EzDrummer
Piano: Pianissimo
Strings and Bells: Mixcraft sound bank

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Awesome entry man looking

Awesome entry man looking forward to the results!

Hope to see more from ya, oh and welcome to GT.

Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much :)