Recording: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Kingdom Hearts 2 Rock Medley

Submitted Sat, 03/21/2015 - 23:21
by 0ZeroDL

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Kingdom Hearts 2
Composer: Yoko Shimomura


Song List:
0:00 Dearly Beloved
0:39 The Afternoon Streets
1:23 Hazardous Highway
2:16 Vim and Vigor
3:12 Hollow Bastion
4:14 Darkness of the Unknown

Equipment and Software:

Guitar: Schecter Omen Extreme
Bass: Monterey MBE-40
Keyboard: Base MK-937S
Interface: Line 6 Pod Studio UX1
DAW: Mixcraft Pro Studio 6
Amp Sim: Pod Farm + Metal Shop
Drums: Toontrack Superior Drummer
Woodwinds/Strings/Choir: Sampletank 2
Piano: Acoustica Pianissimo
Mastered using iZotope Ozone 5

4 comments on Kingdom Hearts 2 Rock Medley

Surprised you only used

Surprised you only used Darkness of the unknown, pretty sure Hansel said medley's were ok to go in the album.
Oh well great job (d ('_') b) KH has a lot of great tracks. Hazardous Highway is very underrated IMO.

Thank you! I wasn't really a

Thank you! I wasn't really a fan of the gummi ship parts of the game but hazardous highway would always stay in my head. Also, I just assumed that for the album it would have to be a medley of boss themes. Which is quite daunting for me haha :P

Do not listen to Hansel, he

Do not listen to Hansel, he is so stupid !
Medleys are are okay if it's a boss battle medley.
But if you do, for example, a FF7 medley with Those who fight further, JENOVA, Birth of god, One winged and... let's say Aerith Theme, well it work because most of the songs are boss battle musics.

Yeah I know that guy Hashel

Yeah I know that guy Hashel is such a fool, he never knows what he's talking about and always changes his mind!

Oh hi Hashel... how have you been? Shame just one off 0ZeroDL, oh well it was as good listen.