Recording: Final Fantasy IX - Battle 1

Submitted Thu, 02/06/2014 - 06:39
by 0ZeroDL

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Final Fantasy IX
Battle 1
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu


I've done some experimenting with rhythm and lead tones so any feedback would be great :)

Also, apologies for the shaky footage. I didn't want to wait till I got a tripod to film so that results in the video looking like I was filming during an earthquake.....

Equipment and Software:

Rhythm Guitar: Ibanez GRG 170 DX
Lead Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul 100
Bass: Monterey MBE-40
DAW: Mixcraft Pro Studio 6
Amp Sim: Pod Farm + Metal Shop
Drums: Toontrack EzDrummer
Strings: Mixcraft sound bank
Video Editing: Video Pad Video Editor
Camera: Sony Xperia Z

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Nice, although some of your


Nice, although some of your choices had me second guessing if the notes were accurate haha :-)

Like the part that starts at :42 sounds a bit different, like a few notes are off but it could just be the way you're playing it. I'm by no means claiming to be an expert on that stuff haha it just made me bust out the OST to see if it sounded the same :)

Sick cover though, bro!

Thank you! I've lately

Thank you! I've lately started trying to add my own spin onto my covers. The part at 0:42 is just a slight variant of the original part but with an added harmony. I'm not good with music theory so the harmony could very well be off and that could make it sound really weird. But its a good learning experience :)

The rhythm sounds awesome in


The rhythm sounds awesome in this. You should post your tab. I know I did the lead some time ago but never actually got around to learning it. Have you heard Preludio's arrangement of this song? It's amazing!

Thank you very much! Right

Thank you very much! Right now I've somehow been inspired to arrange and record more covers. I might tab it out sometime soon, once I settle down haha.

Btw, I just checked out the arrangement you suggested and it's really awesome!

good job man! BB, just

good job man!

BB, just listened to the version u mentioned and this guy/girl is definitely an inspiration to my favorite arrangement of the song

my favorite one is from this guy:

Thank you!

Thank you!