Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves (Final Fantasy X-2) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Jul 17, 2008 by delgelato (Last updated: Oct 18, 2009)

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Game: Final Fantasy X-2
Composer(s): Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle
Series: Final Fantasy

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Raise the bottom "e" to be an "f"
And the bottom "b" to be "c"
Lower the top "E" to "D"
The rest is normal.

Intro                                      4x       4th Ending






Solo(Version A) ( All Piano )



  I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I                    



Back to Chorus

ending                                          2x

Alternative solo:
Solo (Version B) ( Album [With Violin] ) Just the piano part. 
Ask your friend to play the violin for you =)



|-----5---0-4---0-2---0-4---0-5---0-4---0-5---0-7---0 fast---|

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8 comments on Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves

::taps chin thoughtfully::

::taps chin thoughtfully::

You know, I'm not sure if this midi is completely accurate...granted I haven't heard the original in awhile but I can usually recall music decently, the lower voice sounds off in parts...

I won't judge the arrangement itself until I get a chance to play it through, though, so I can't comment on that yet.

The midi is just a random

The midi is just a random one I picked up at It doesn't relate to the arrangement at all.

oh ok, I thought it was the

oh ok, I thought it was the midi used to base this arrangement off of, I was at my gf's house and didn't have my guitar around to play it so I couldn't check.

Dx why matching it with the

Dx why matching it with the midi ? T_T I made this based on the original. Remember I raise the bottom 2 string to "f" and "c", if that's why you think it sounds off..

Anyways, what's with "limpNinja" ? O_o

No, like I said I wasn't

No, like I said I wasn't commenting on the arrangement, just the midi file that was there with it. I thought that was the midi you used to base this arrangement off of (which many people, including myself, do at times so there's no problem with that)

I hadn't had a chance to play the arrangement yet, I was just worried because if the midi was wrong, and you used the midi to create this, then this would be wrong too. Now that I'm home I see it's different though, which is good.

As far as the arrangement goes it's pretty good and, indeed, true to the original. It will take time to work this one up, though, as it goes all over the place. Still though, I have to give you props for effort because this one is the most true to the original I have heard thus far. :) Nice job.

My only complaint (besides some of the akward passages) is the tuning, but even that I understand because I know sometimes the only way to get something to sound right and not be completely impossible is to have some strange non-standard tuning (besaid anyone?) so it's not a major gripe, just comment. :)

Heh thanks. Well the only

Heh thanks.

Well the only reason why I raise those 2 bottom strings is just for the first part of the "chorus". I just want to use the lower "F" instead of the "f" in the 3rd string, when playing the 6th's string 6th's fret, and that was impossible. So i made the 6th's fret become 5th fret. Everything else is playable with standard tuning except that 1st part, and it's also easier to do the intro with this tunning.

Could you change the tabber name to "delgelato" instead of that random name "LimpNinja" please? >_< Thanks


Sorry about that... fixed.

Sorry about that... fixed.