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Winter Themes Project

Winter is fast approaching for those in the northern hemisphere. Therefore it is an appropriate time to start another community project, this time based on winter themes. What do I mean by winter themes? Essentially any video game music that occurs during the game while it's winter can be considered a winter theme. Winter themes tend to have a very desolate, serene mood to them, but may also be lighter and more whimsical. People of the North from Final Fantasy 10 is an example of the former, while Winters Town from Earthbound is an example of the latter.

If you're interested in contributing to the project, please sign up in this thread. Any questions you have about the project can be asked there as well.

Please note that this project will have higher submissions standards than the last one. I will no longer accept simple melodic transcriptions. If you plan on submitting an arrangement for electric guitar, it has to be complete with at least 2 guitars (melody and harmony) and has to have some level of arrangement to it, rather than just a transcription.

This project ends January 1st, 2008.

GTYNP: Wrecking Crew - Title Theme

Posted in GTYNP

Wrecking CrewThis week's Greatest Tab You've Never Played comes from the 1985 game "Wrecking Crew" for the NES, which I had never even heard of before the tab was submitted. I am a big fan of swing pieces, and this is a great example of one. It was arranged by Kabukibear about 6 months ago, and never received any attention from the community.

Like last week's GTYNP, this piece can stand on its own, even if you've never heard of the game. It's a somewhat difficult piece to play because of the timing. But if you can get it down it's one of the most fun tabs to play on the entire site due to its very cheerful mood and swing feel.

Link to TAB | MIDI

Great Tabs You've Never Played: Secret of Monkey Island Intro

Posted in GTYNP

It seems that when it comes to videogame tabs so much of it comes to nostalgia. The tabs that are the most popular aren't necessarily the best, they're popular because the game they're from is popular. This leaves a slew of really great guitar tabs out there that remain unplayed because the game they're based on isn't as popular as Final Fantasy or Zelda. So we're starting a weekly article to get some more recognition for these great but often ignored tabs.

This week's GTYNP is Stamen47's fine arrangment of the intro to Secret of Monkey Island available here

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