GTYNP: Metroid - Kraid's Lair

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I love it when someone classically arranges a song that you wouldn't possibly imagine being classically arranged otherwise. Ron's Kraid's Lair tab is the perfect example of this. There are several other tabs for this song on this site intended for electric guitar, and it has been recorded many times other by video game music cover bands in a clear rock style. But this song in my opinion sounds wonderful when played classically. Enjoy it.



New Year, New Feature

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all have a great 2008 :)

I just installed a new (well, sorta) feature. Now when you go to make a comment on a tab or a recording, you'll see the five star rating widget right on the comment form. You can rate it there, and your rating will appear in the comment when it's posted. Pretty cool, eh? It's optional of course. You can still make a comment without making a rating, or make a rating without making a comment.

GTYNP: Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze

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Again proving that a lot of good stuff came out of the Shimomura project this week's "Great Tabs You've Never Played" is cgseth's entry from said project the Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG.

A very nice small piece that if you didn't tell the listener wouldn't sound out of place with some minor mid 20th century composers such as Tedesco, Ponce and others. A very charming piece and a very good arrangement. Great job cgseth!


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