New Layout, woo... hoo?

I had hoped to write a more cheerful message when I got this layout up, but unfortunately I ran into a few issues while doing so. I also attempted to upgrade a bunch of stuff as well as switch to a new forum software (and hopefully resolve the login issues that so many of you have been having), and long story short, I've simply run into some unexpected problems that have prevented a good portion of the site from being functional, for now.

The good news is that all the tabs and categories are up, as well as ratings and comments. But the forum and recordings section are gonna be down for now, and some things are just a little out of whack. Once again I chose to make major upgrades to the site late at night, and once again I run into issues that need a good night sleep to resolve. So I apologize for coming up short this time, but just sit tight, everything will be back soon better than ever.

***UPDATE*** Recordings section now back online.

***UPDATE 2*** Added links to category pages on Browse Tabs menu.

***UPDATE 3*** Add Latest Transcriptions and Latest Arrangements menus to the front page. Now you can view the latest tabs broken out into arrangements and transcriptions.

***UPDATE 4*** Added Top Rated Tabs page.

***UPDATE 5*** Forum is back up, as well as user profiles.

Recordings Section Now Open to Submissions

I've reconfigured the Recordings section so that authenticated users can now submit recordings without sending them to me first. If you're logged in, all you have to do is click the "Create Content" on the left sidebar under your personal block. Then click "Recording" and you will be taken to a recording submission form. From there, you can follow the instructions and submit a recording to the site yourself. Make sure you follow the directions carefully, and remember that right now I am only allowing YouTube videos to be submitted.

For now, I will let all submissions go through without approval, because I think you all can handle this on your own :) But if there are problems, I'll make it so the recordings have to but approved before they go up.

A quick overview of how to submit a recording:

1) Click "Create Content"
2) Click "Recording"
3) Enter a title for the recording.
4) Enter the YouTube video ID of the recording.
5) Optionally enter a link to a tab for the song being played.
6) Optionally enter some comments about the video.

In addition to being able to create new videos, you'll also be able to edit and delete any recordings you create, and I've applied proper permissions to all recordings submitted in the past, so you can edit and delete them as well. All you need is a registered account on the site and you can add as many recordings as you want. Have fun :).

If there are any problems, questions, concerns, etc., please post them in this topic in the forum.

New layout, w00t

Well, I just put up the new layout after having worked on it for quite some time. I know there are quite a few issues to be worked out, especially in the forum. I need to figure out exactly where I'm gonna put ads and some other things, and there's a bunch of little incomplete areas around the site. But I've been debugging issues for the last 3 hours and I have just lost the will power to go on. Time for me to hit the hay.

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