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Hello everybody. I have been visiting with friends and family lately so I haven't been on the site really at all for the past week or so. I logged on to my computer today to an email from a member saying that the site was down. After some investigation I concluded that the site had been hacked at around 8PM EST last night. It wasn't anything devastating, just a small amount of code had been injected into the site's index.php. Everything appears to be fine now, but if you find anything abnormal please report it here or PM me.

GTYNP: Saint Seiya - Chikyuugi

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This tab was posted over a year ago and has received little attention. That, and it being from a relatively unknown corner of the video-game/anime music world, makes it a perfect 'Greatest Tab You've Never Played'.

Chikyuugi is a wonderfully soulful song from the anime Saint Seiya. Although the type of guitar a song is played on is arbitrary much of the time, this song screams electric guitar. The use of palm mutes and pinch harmonics in particular give it that feel unique to electric guitar.

I personally love this song. Thanks for tabbing it out, CpxAzn!

Link to tab

Who is your favorite video game boss?

* Ganon
* Bowser
* Sephiroth
* Kefka
* Magus
* King K. Rool
* Bongo Bongo
* Psycho Mantis
* King Dedede
* All Colossi from SotC

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