Fingerstyle SNES: A Gametabs Collaboration

In celebration of the music of the Super Nintendo Gametabs is running a project to compile new well done arrangements. Entries will be judged prior to acceptance.
Requirements for being accepted

* The tab must be arranged for classical/fingerstyle guitar
* The tab must be an arrangement of a song that appeared on a Super Nintendo game
* The tab must your own original work
* The tab must not be a direct guitar transcription. Meaning that there has to be some level of arrangement to the piece and it can't simply be a transcription of a piece written for guitar. Transcriptions from other instruments, like piano, are acceptable.
* The tab must be neat and well presented, and it must be outputted in PDF form

The tentative deadline for this project is June 30th.

Feel free to see the thread for this project here and fun tabbing!

We're moving to a new server

**UPDATE** - if you're seeing this message it means that you're viewing the site on the new server. If you notice anything abnormal please report it here.

Thanks to a friend of mine I'll be moving the site over to his more powerful server for a better price than I'm paying right now. I plan on making the switch today, but to do so I'm gonna have to limit the features of the site temporarily. Shortly I will disabling all features that involve user created content (comments, ratings, new pages, etc). I can't prevent users from editing their account details, so just know that if you do that while the site is moving to the new server, the data won't be saved. So for a few hours today a lot of things are gonna be down. But the site will continue to run as normal and you will still be able to view all the content on the site, as well as use the shoutbox. I will update this post when the site is running on the new server. I'm looking forward to what should be a faster

About the Downtime

Hello everybody. I have been visiting with friends and family lately so I haven't been on the site really at all for the past week or so. I logged on to my computer today to an email from a member saying that the site was down. After some investigation I concluded that the site had been hacked at around 8PM EST last night. It wasn't anything devastating, just a small amount of code had been injected into the site's index.php. Everything appears to be fine now, but if you find anything abnormal please report it here or PM me.

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