Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Mega Man 2) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Sep 30, 2007 by archard (Last updated: Sep 30, 2007)

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Game: Mega Man 2
Composer(s): Manami Ietel, Manami Matsumae, Ogeretsu Kun
Style: Transcription
Series: Mega Man

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This tab is only available in .pdf form, therefore there is nothing to show here.

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5 comments on Dr. Wily Stage 1

yeah thanks you rock!!!!!!!!

yeah thanks you rock!!!!!!!!

I dont know where this gets

I dont know where this gets sent but thank you

on the

on the


the 9 should be an 8

you serious?? there's no

you serious?? there's no fitting a C-note into C#m or A

y cant i dl this? can u guys

y cant i dl this? can u guys plz send it to me [email protected]