Save-Continue-Retry Screen (Legend of Zelda) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Sep 22, 2008 by Scruffy

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Game: Legend of Zelda
Composer(s): Koji Kondo
Style: Transcription
Series: Legend of Zelda

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Game: Legend of Zelda
Song: Save-Continue-Retry Screen
Tabbed: September 14th 2008
Tabber: Scruffy

This is tabbed in a lower tone, not as high as the original song.

e---3--------0--------7-----5-----0--5--3--------0--5- |
B------1--3-----4--0-----0-----5--------------3------- |
G------------------------------------------5---------- |
D----------------------------------------------------- |
A----------------------------------------------------- |
E----------------------------------------------------- x3
e--------5--4--------1--0--------0--------------       |
B-----6-----------3-----------1-----3-----0--3--       |
G--5-----------5-----------0-----------2--------       |
D-----------------------------------------------       |
A-----------------------------------------------       |
E-----------------------------------------------      _|
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4 comments on Save-Continue-Retry Screen

Cool, but the tenth note

Cool, but the tenth note should be a C, not an E. I figure you knew that but put the 5 on the B string instead of the G string by accident when you were writing it down? Hehe.


Love it.

Pretty cool


Pretty cool



awesome man, just awesome