Toad's Turnpike (Mario Kart 64) Bass Tab

Submitted: Oct 03, 2011 by auriplane

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Game: Mario Kart 64
Composer(s): Kenta Nagata
Style: Transcription
Series: Mario

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               Mario Kart 64 - Toad's Turnpike BASS TAB
                       Composed by Kenta Nagata
                Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

Five-string bass, standard tuning.

G |----------------|
D |----------------|
A |------6-------4-| x24
E |---6--------4---|
B |4---------2-----|

G |----------------|
D |----------------|
A |------7-------5-| x16
E |---7--------5---|
B |5---------3-----|

G |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
A |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B |0---------------|L---------------|12-slide--------|L---------------|

In the original song, that slide down starts from what would be the open
B string.  It's a sub-bass slide, which is a little ridiculous, but it
does sound cool.  I had to double the frequency the song was played back
at to transcribe those last four measures with any accuracy whatsoever.

It sounds kind of like this song (and some others in MK64) have two bass
parts, a loud "picked bass" sound with lots of low end, and a "slap bass"
sound that's mixed in quieter.  I could be wrong (I don't know how to rip
N64 music to verify it), but for this tab, I stuck to the former and left
out the latter.  At any rate, I think it sounds fine when you play it :-)

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