Circuit (Mario Kart 64) Bass Tab

Submitted: Oct 03, 2011 by auriplane

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Game: Mario Kart 64
Composer(s): Kenta Nagata
Style: Transcription
Series: Mario

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                  Mario Kart 64 - Circuit BASS TAB
                        Song by Kenta Nagata
                Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

This song is pretty simple.  At the end of Part A, I changed the
pattern for one measure, so that I can play the long slide down
on the E string.  It ends early if you play it on the A string.

It doesn't matter too much how you play the pattern, but I put a
second way to play it at the end of the file.  I picked this way
because it's easy and fits on four strings.

    Part A

G |----------------|----------------|
D |3---------------|----------------|
A |----------------|----------------|
E |--1-------------|2-------3-------|

G |5---------------|       |5---------------|----------------|
D |--------2-3-4-5-|       |----------------|----------------|
A |--3---6---------| x6    |--3---6-7-8-9-10|----------------|
E |----------------|       |----------------|8\--------------|

    Part B

G |5---------------|
D |--------2-3-4-5-|
A |--3---6---------| x16
E |----------------|

    Part C

G |----------------|
D |3---------------|
A |--------0-1-2-3-| x16
E |--1---4---------|

Here's the way I originally played it.  This sounds darker and needs
five strings, so I chose the other one instead.

G |----------------|        |5---------------|
D |3---------------|        |--------------5-|
A |--------------3-|  and   |------6-7-8-9---|
E |------4-5-6-7---|        |--8-------------|
B |--6-------------|        |----------------|

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